Art Courses

Children Summer Course

Regular Class for Adults & Teenager

Kids Regular Class

Pencil Sketching

Explain the concepts and various techniques of sketching, practice from the basic skill , line arrangement, blending , perspective, lighting , texture, proportion, understanding of pencils usage , hatching and crosshatching . Start from the basic shape ,geometric sculputure, and then objects, animals, landscapes, human portrait and so on.
Suitable for beginners who wanna start from foundation training and understanding the basic knowledge.
– 2 hours class


From simple to deeper theory , introduce the skills and feature of watercolour , explain the relationship between water and paper type , colour mixing, rendering and all other unique techniques. Discuss the different types of brush usage.
– 2 hours class


Acrylic painting is a  shorter drying times medium and it can create texture layering surface . By mixing different media and materials, can create amazing pictures that will last for long time. It is very creative and love by so many artists.
Explain the relationship between water and the paints , usage of various materials, features of different brushes and style discussions, etc.
– 2 hours class


Teach the style of fingering , colour mixing techniques, expression for the texture , and the maintenance of pastel drawing.
– 2 hours class

Color Pencil

Explain the details for color tone and the color theory concept . The importance of layering and the use of various techniques such as stippling, hatching, cross-hatching, etc.
– 2 hours class

Art Jamming

There is no limitation for all ages of people. Welcome for group of friends and companies.
Don’t worry without drawing experience , just enjoy the fun of painting with creativity , get chill & relax . Our experienced art teacher will give you the best guidance.
(Charges already include all materials like canvas, color & paints, aprons)
– 3 hours class